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Travel Journey - Florida - Key West & Orlando

Hey everyone! So today I wanted to talk about a recent trip I made to Key west and show you guys some pictures I took while I was there! The trip was actually a Christmas present from the following year that had to be rescheduled because my mom decided to surprise me with a vacation while I was enrolled in college, a week before the national marketing competition I was competing in. I was the co president of the project involving 36 people and I was one of the four speakers who communicated our project through a memorized 20 minute presentation... Yea I was not going on that trip. LOL But I was excited to go after over a full year of anticipation!

We landed in beautiful Orlando and proceeded to drive the 6 hour ride down to Key West in our rental car. Personally I don't mind long car rides cause you get to see so much while you are driving! On our way down I snagged this beautiful picture of the sunset while on the highway.

We stayed at the beautiful resort Casa Marina which was actually the same resort my parents had their Honeymoon!

And the sunset at night was gorgeous.

A Sunset in paradise wouldn't be complete without a drink in hand ;)

I looved this resort! I loved being able to take a walk on the beach without having to even leave the resort or go for another car ride. After 6 hours of driving could you blame me for not wanting to get back in the car? lol The food and drinks at the resort were delicious and they had pool side waiters, so lets just my brother and I enjoyed sitting by the pool ;)

I unfortunately did not inherit my mothers Sicilian skin and got a sunburn on the very first day which was then added on to each day there after, so if I look a bit red thats why! I was peeling like a chameleon for weeks after this vacation! But at least it turned into a nice tan after, which is what I was hoping for! Here are a few cool things I found walking by the beach near the resort!

While at the resort we also went on a snorkel tour and boat ride to one of the nearby coral reefs! The excursion was amazing! Not only did we get to snorkel at one of the largest coral reefs in the world, but we also drove around for an island tour! We saw sea turtles, dolphins, and much more wildlife! We even saw a 15 million dollar private island for sale! What could make this tour better! Well the free alcoholic drinks on the tour sure did help! ;) We luckily had a great crew and got to go on the tour with 3 very friendly couples, but who couldn't be in a good mood when your going out on a boat on such a beautiful day!

We had an underwater video camera and got to video tape some really cool things while snorkeling!

Check out the video on youtube below!

My dad also went snorkeling off shore by the resort at Higgs Beach and found some pretty cool things! Including an abandoned crab trap filled with 5 crabs which he set free, a sea turtle, a lion fish, and even a shark! Check out the video on youtube below!

Key West is really one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I would absolutely recommend visiting the Florida keys. You will be amazed by the wildlife and scenery! Unfortuna