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A Journey into Photography

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Photography, an essence of light captured in a fraction of time. I have always been fascinated with the idea of capturing the outside world. Through the movies I saw, to the photo print outs from our disposable camera, my attention was always commanded by these little windows into the past. It was only later in life I really understood just how fascinating image capturing is.

What really gets my heart to flutter is when I think about what is behind an image I am seeing. Photograph/video is not only captured light imprisoned, but its subject to perspective. The perspective of the photographer is encompassed in the image as well as the perspective of the viewer looking at the finished product.

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No two people can have the same experience when looking at a photo. Its impossible because we all have different backgrounds and morals that skew our perception of what we are looking at. That I think is one of the most entrancing things about the things you create.

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You never know how your viewers will understand your artwork based on the difference of that individual's qualia. It can be understood as simple as looking at a picture of food that you have never tasted before as opposed to a photo of a dish that you absolutely hate! Or maybe you are or are not afraid of Iguanas ;)

I used to be so obsessed with the idea of knowing how my viewers will receive my work until I understood that no two people will ever have the same experience. Especially when it comes to photography! Through video you can use your words or movements to convey an idea, but photography is a single moment frozen in time. We have all heard the saying, a photograph is worth a thousand words, but what we don't always realize is those words are different in the mind of every viewer. Not only are words involved, but feelings as well! Emotion is a huge factor involved in our perception that, as we know, are even more complicated then words!

What I learned through my adventure into photography is to let go. To let go of trying too hard to make a statement or change a perspective, and truly just be able to let my intuition guide my eyes to the natural beauty in our world and let those things speak for themselves.

Thank you all so much for checking out my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it <3 Whats your favorite part about photography? Comment below! :)

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