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Pearl Harbor

Memorial Day honors those men and women who have protected our country with valor. We remember you all and the sacrifices you have made so we can have the freedoms we cherish. Thank you to all of our veterans, God bless.

A sincere genuine thank you to all veterans and currently serving men and woman. We are so lucky to have the freedoms we have, and thats all because of you all, the strong people we have fighting for us.

It really was amazing being in Pearl Harbor. When leaving one of the informational theaters, you could really feel the gravity and significance this place has by the silence we stayed in after the film. It was a lot to handle and hear about when you see footage and remember the thousands that lost their lives, and everyone in that theater felt it. Our solidarity of silence in memorial really was a moving experience.

One thing I did not expect would be the amount of Japanese people visiting in remembrance as well. It was a strange and surreal experience watching these videos and seeing the rubble from the attack while surrounded by the people from the country that attacked us. But it truly was amazing because of the fact that we could all come together peacefully and remember the people we lost after all these years. No matter whose side of the fight we were on, time has healed those wounds and made it so there is peace and understanding from both sides that we could remember this event and the people we lost together in harmony.

Be sure to thank a veteran and someone serving today! They deserve your honor and respect.

Thank you again for the safety and the amazing rights I get to enjoy everyday <3

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