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Ruins Left Behind

The day we stop exploring is the day we commit ourselves to live in a stagnant world   

Recently my friend Mimi and I explored some castle like ruins in Boston. We found a blog post online showing the ruins and we had to check it out for ourselves!

The blog post said it was a light hike to the location but it was literally on a sidewalk path from the street where we parked.

The place was more beautiful in person and it was such a cool place to hangout and have some fun taking pictures :)

Come to find out (after going back and actually reading the entire blog post LOL ) we found out the ruins were not that of a castle at all! It was actually in the original design for the park and has been used for office space as well as a golf course club. Not as phantasmic as our first assumption! Hahah

But the location was already notable before the building because this was the sight that Ralph Waldo Emerson originally lived and created poems and some of his first works on transcendentalism.

If you want to check out the ruins for yourself, they are located in Franklin park, Boston on Schoolmaster Hill! (Named after Emerson)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and make the trip yourself!

Thanks for reading! :)

Also check out my friends insta! @missmimibee

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